Public Education, etc

There is a pressing need for greater understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Jordanian communities. Diagnosing the disorder and coming to terms with it poses a significant challenge to mothers and families alike. All too often parents are unable to determine if their child has Autism finding it all too difficult to distinguish between Autism and other developmental delays. Identifying and acknowledging the symptoms is a task that Autism MENA helps families with, in addition to how to cope with the disorder once a diagnosis is made. Social stigmatization, moreover, gets in the way of giving children the specialized care they need. To this effect, we provide the following:


  • Guidance on where to get specialized support.
  • Guidance on how to cope with the disorder following diagnosis.
  • The organization of educational workshops in collaboration with renowned international and local speakers who are able to assist and shed in-depth light on the subject matter.
  • Provision of nutritional facts and special diets for children with Autism
  • Establishment of a¬†support group for mothers and fathers to help exchange information and best practice, in addition, to provide support.