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How to get diagnosed?

It is not easy to diagnose a child with Autism. There is no blood test or physical exam that can determine this. It is up to the parents to notice if their child is exhibiting signs of any developmental delays. There are two tests doctors can carry out to determine if a child has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD):


  1. Developmental Screening. This is to assess the child’s developmental milestones – the basic skills that a child needs to display within an age group. Children under the age of three are difficult to diagnose, but they should be able to make eye contact and respond to their names being called. If this is not displayed, an assessment is required.


Generally, ASD can be detected at 18 months or younger. By age (2) a diagnosis by a professional can be considered reliable.


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  1. Comprehensive Diagnostic Evaluation. A comprehensive evaluation includes assessing a child’s developmental health, behavior and physical fitness in addition to screening hearing and vision. It may also include interviewing parents and genetic testing.



A cautionary advice to all parents is not to be influenced by unqualified practitioners. Take the advice of the following:

  • Developmental Pediatricians.
  • Child Neurologist.
  • Child Psychiatrist or Child Psychologist