Achieving Our Mission

We use a set of programmes and activities that focus on public education and campaigns, advocacy and training.

We challenge harmful stereotyping and pervasive sentiments about Autism at different levels of society through awareness-raising campaigns, including but not limited to, the organization of social activities, events and the observance of World Autism Day on April 2nd.

We support families and mothers of children with autism through targeted and bespoke programmes and workshops on nutrition, therapy, psychological support and Diagnosis of Autism.


We work with partners and philanthropists to accelerate the development and integration of persons with Autism in society and increase the impact of our initiatives and efforts, their cost-effectiveness and reach.

We build a professional cadre of trainers and shadow teachers to accelerate their employment in the education workforce. It is estimated that there are around (10,000) available jobs for educators who work with children with Autism in Jordan.